I graduated from the University of Johannesburg in the mid 80s with a BA in English and Psychology. At that time I volunteered as a counsellor at an organization that helped women and children impacted by domestic violence. Thereafter I immigrated to the United Kingdom and spent years there furthering my studies and working. I attended courses at the London School of Counselling and Therapy and at the London School of Economics whilst carrying out research for the Chair of a psychoanalytic training organization in London.

This time in London was lovely and lively and I met my lifelong partner there. We returned to live in Cape Town at the time when Mandela was released from prison and went on to settle with children into family life. I completed my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at UCT in 2001 where my love for psychology grew along with my theoretical knowledge of the complex development of a self. I was particularly drawn to theories that placed value on development and a person’s relationships.

I eventually found a theoretical home in post modern relational theory. This theory has its underpinnings in current neurobiology and infant research about how the mind develops only in relationship with another mind from birth and throughout life.

I believe that my job is to help clients attain insight and self awareness so that they can become conscious of self-limiting ways of coping and relating. Developing compassionate self reflection helps one identify hurtful triggers and relationship patterns, manage anxious critical thoughts and feelings about self and others, and prevents one from endlessly repeating unhelpful behavioural patterns. This leads to realistic self-esteem, more solid identity, resilience and a greater sense of agency. Depression, shame, anxiety and guilt decrease. The client can live with a greater sense of choice, appreciation of mind and body.

Educational qualifications

M.A. Clinical Psychology (UCT)
Areas of interest: Child development, parenting and parent-child relationships, anxiety and depression, relationships
Areas of practice: Adult psychotherapy, child play therapy, adolescent therapy, couple therapy
Practice No: 0233668
HPCSA no: PS0085669

Additional courses

London School of Economics studies in Humanistic Psychology, U.K. Centre for the Advancement Of Counselling, Ieb, U.k.

Post Graduate courses

Two year Infant Observation
Post Graduate Certificate in Self, Intersubjective and Relational Psychotherapy
Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy Training


Health Professions Council of South Africa
Cape Town Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Group
South African Psychoanalytic Confederation


Judy Grant

I am an experienced clinical psychologist with a primary training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. My practice is situated in a lovely Victorian house in Claremont, which provides ample parking. Read more about me.


Address: 47 Princes Road, Harfield Village, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708
Tel:  (0)72 252 5646
Email: judygrant@cybersmart.co.za